15 de dezembro de 2008

VALO: Soichiro Kanashima Park Section

Vou usar o POST do fred Castro (brasilinline member) para descrever esse video

Fred Castro Says:
December 13th, 2008 at 2:38 pm

mann!! you gotta love the japanese skaters!!! they are truly ninjas!!! or maybe samurai-roller-ninjas!! hahahaha my goshh the king of 360 souls!!!

unbelievably high flatspin 540 on that box!!! not to mention the corkscrew 900!!! sssiiiickkkkk

soichiro is well known in the US, he has skated many times in san diego!! he is really SICK!!

congratulations!!!! soichiro! you are the man!!!


Ride out DVD Soichiro Kanashima Park Section from so_mft on Vimeo.

É noix, na luta sempre, compre seu valo na LHAMASTORE.COM


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